ERPNext Indonesia 2nd Meetup: Sat, 28 Oct 2017! (9 Photos & 12 Videos uploaded)

Hello Community,

After the success of our first ERPNext Indonesia Meetup on 16th September 2017 last month, we had scheduled for another one on 28th October 2017 and it’s on in 10 days time! Due to the recent ERPNext Conference in India, we have decided to change the topic for this second meetup to: “How to Contribute to ERPNext?”

The following people were present in the first meetup “Better Together” that made a team success:
@AbdalAliy, Ade (Discuss ID unknown), Aman, @baliboss, @cyberdee, Fenie, @hokgt, Khairul, @komsel2228, Paul, @rahy, @Sebastian_Wijaya & friend, @tara_antonius, myself

The Planned Agenda is:

  1. Welcoming New ERPNext Enthusiasts.
  2. Sharing by attendees from ERPNext Conference 12-14 October 2017 in Mumbai
  3. User Stories: Experienced user @bobzz_zone is confirmed to come from Surabaya (1,5 hours flight)
  4. Details on “How to Contribute to ERPNext?”
  5. Announce the Planned Developer Training in Jakarta in January 2018 (NOTE: Neighboring countries might be able to join this as @rmehta is coming to be with us)
  6. Discussion on creating team / organisational structure for New ERPNext Indonesia Chapter

So make sure you RSVP from the meetup link below as seats are limited!

If any of you have any request for a topic for this or future meetup, please share in this Discussion or you can also PM me. We hope that when we hold meetups initially from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, this can spread to other cities having meetup and thus lift up the brand of ERPNext and eventually will make all of us easier to get more users’ confidence in buying / using it.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Lie & friends from Indonesia

Some More Information about Indonesia from Wikipedia

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans, it is the world’s largest island country, with more than seventeen thousand islands. It has an estimated population of over 261 million people and is the world’s fourth most populous country.

Following is the map location of Indonesia relative to India.


As tagging users is limited to 10 users, I need to separate the post.

In welcoming New ERPNext Enthusiasts in the second meetup, many have RSVP-ed: ddarius, Julianto, Ricky Nuriadi and a few are thinking to go: @diginoobs, @x1123 from Pekalongan, @satriandaru, @mulyadi-agtechsg, @Jonathan_Fanny_Lie, @hendrik_zeta.

So hopefully you guys will be able to make it :wink:


Fucking LOVE ITTTTTTT!!! I will travel from Greece now that I have the map!!! :slight_smile:


Please ask the pilot to stop by India to pick up few friends there. :grin:


7 days to go!

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6 days to go!
11 people have RSVP-ed
Pak Hadi @x1123 from Pekalongan (5 hours by train) has also confirmed to come.

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5 days, 0 hours, 18 minutes and 57 seconds to go! :timer_clock:
14 people have RSVP-ed
Ricky Nuriadi has confirmed to come, seorang pengamat, penulis casual dan sangat tertarik dunia ERP (translation: observer, casual writer & very interested in the world of ERP)

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Salam kenal semuanya…

Semoga dalam silturahmi saling #berkaitan dalam perkembangan yang #berkesinambungan kita semua dapat saling mengisi #kebijaksanaan dan #kebermanfaatan, demi dunia teknologi & bisnis, berkontribusi demi Indonesia agar semakin siap menghadapi #exponetial #digitaltransformation


Welcome pak @Ricky_Nuriadi

Thank you for your nice word :+1:

Yes, we’re growing this ERPNext community for the benefit of everyone, not just for a particular person or a particular company. It seems that many people are still not aware of the reason behind it or maybe “suspicious” about it (because many that I contact personally and no reply :slight_smile:) . Hopefully people can keep an open mind and at least see the community one time so that we can grow the brand of ERPNext together.

4 days to go, we look forward to see you!


Pengen ikut…tapi terhalang…

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How to book this developers meeting. We have few core group interested to join from the Philippines.


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Hi @tlie,

I am sorry but I cant make it on this Saturday as I have commitments on that day.

I believe you are doing a great thing to kickstart use of ERP in South East Asia. Would very much to meet up.

January maybe?


Warmest Regards



Sorry just back online.

@wahyusetiaaa no problem sir, maybe nextime

Thank you @mulyadi-agtechsg, team work. Can’t do anything if no one contributes to make the community a success :slight_smile: sure, you can join in January, we look forward to meet you.

Thanks for your interest @jcagbay. The event was initiated by my friend @tara_antonius and @rmehta. At the moment, we’re doing a count how many people would be interested so they can determine how big the venue will be. We will create a separate Thread special for this Developer Training soon so we can get real count how many would be and we will provide the platform to book tickets.

2 days to go to the meetup!
REMEMBER everyone: this saturday is NOT the Developer Training (this event will be in January 2018 so don’t book any plane tickets yet) :smiley:


Hi, I’m really new to ERPNext and a couple of days had been trying to try this awesome software. It’s so sad that I will have to skip this meet up. I wonder if there’s another meet up, I will try my best to come.
I’m from Indonesia too…

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Welcome to ERPNext @ngu1k. You can join the meetup group so you will be notified for future events :wink:


ok. thanks… already joined…

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Dear Community,

Final Reminder: Meetup is tomorrow, Saturday 28 Oct 2017! Come early like 12.45PM so we can start on time at 13.00PM.

18 People have RSVP-ed

See you all tomorrow!

The Place:
Ruko Marinatama A10
Jl. Gunung Sahari No. 2
(Seberang WTC Mangga Dua)

Dear Community,

Thank you everyone for making the second meetup in Jakarta / Indonesia a success, let’s make ERPNext brand a common household name.

15 people attended
8 people were New
3 people came from out of town

Thanks for those who prepared & shared:

  1. @hokgt of PT. Mahakarya Toy shared his ERPNext journey, having paid for Odoo implementation before.
  2. @tara_antonius of PT. RSS shared his import business process and “How to Contribute to ERPNext”
  3. @bobzz_zone from Surabaya shared many of his implementations and his vast experience.

Full 9 photos & 12 videos can be found at


I am watching your videos, very good information.
Do you registered at ?

We can have Indonesia chapter and link to your meet up group.

cc @tlie @tara_antonius @JayRam

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Thanks @kolate_sambhaji for your nice words :pray:

Yes we have requested for the Indonesian chapter to be created, but I don’t know who is responsible to edit the link or create the chapter.

Thanks for visiting us :grinning:

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