ERPnext install in production from other git repository

HI everyone,
Anybody know the correct procedure for installing Customized ERPNext in production server.

Whenever I install I always end up with one or someother conflicts error.
I have started working in one version and have to install in production with different version.

I have modified some files of both frappe and erpnext files. And also i have a customized app.
All these are in my gitlab account.

Please tell me how to install my customized erpnext, frappe and custom app in production server from git repository?

Please help me someone…

have you created your own app? bench new-app {app_name}

Actually is that the second thing?
First I have to pull frappe folder from gitlab, right? At the very first time itself, i have got conflicts.
Before pulling i have reset the upstream remote url from github/frappe to gitlab/frappe(my customized folder).

What s the reason? Can you help me?

I think first of all you should move all your customization to a custom app. If you do direct changes in erpnext and frappe repo, then there is always a chance of conflict whenever you will update the instance. Here, you are pulling your changes on top of standard repo, which is creating the problem.


@nabinhait is right. That’s why I suggested creating your own custom app first, which is the first thing you should do before making any changes.


@nabinhait @johnskywalker
Thank you for the information
But the thing I don’t still understand is,
(1) What to do if I want a file in the erpnext (Eg; project.js / to be customized? Is it also cause conflict?

(a) for frappe how can I change the file like frappe/page/desk/modules/module_sidebar_item.html ? (should I create the same path inside my custom app eg. custom_app/page/desk/modules/modules_sidebar_item.html)

(b) For frappe python files example frappe/ file is changed. How can I use in production without conflicts?

Can you please help me to understand these two doubts? Because going further in ERPNext, it is a must for all of us here to know these.

  1. you can create a .py file under your custom app directory. And add it to hooks

  2. a. for this one this will really conflict with what is in frappe, so if you are to do this you should not bench update. In short this will hinder you from updating

  3. b. same with a.

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OK thank you @johnskywalker for the information

I thinks it’s better to implement modifications of frappe in new apps so they can be shared across users.

But I also think that the ability to install frappe or erpnext from a different repo than the official one would be a good option for developers.

In my case I usually work with the development branch using my own fork of Frappe in order to make fixes or some special modifications. This allows me to include my own hotfixes for my clients without waiting for the Pull Requests to be accepted.

As of right now what I do is delete the frappe folder, clone my own repo and “pip install -e frappe” in order to achieve this.

I think that this is an edge case that not many users will benefit from, but it could be useful for some developers.

Kind regards