ERPNext install on digital ocean

hey guys im trying to install erpnext on digital ocean everything went right but stuck in production part can any one help me i executed all steps in this Setup Production, no errors and port number is 82 but cant access using ipaddress:82
i used manual install on ubuntu 18 droplet

Recommend you use Ubuntu 16 and easy install method. We havent faced any problem on DO for number of installation.

installed properly using easy install on ubuntu 16 thank you.But y im seeing default website as soon as i enter ip address how would i remove that website and directly show login page?

Set home page to login from Website Settings and see

thanks its working

Im trying to change css location to custom css locations in and starting bench to reflect it its working on development but when i try the same thing in production im restarting nginx but the changes are not getting reflected any solution for this?

what to do to reflect changes in production instead of using bench start what should i use?