ERPNext Install - Username not recognized

I have been attempting to run ERPnext locally (this also happens to be my first time running software locally)

I have followed the steps to set up a docker container, clone the repo, and after getting the easy-install, running
‘python --prod --email your@email.tld’

In docker, I can see a link to an 80:80 port but going here gives me a 404. However, after running the python command, the output tells me that the app can be accessed at site1.localhost.
Interestingly, navigating here takes me to a Frappe home page.

I am currently stuck trying to login. I am using the email I provided during the python command, and the admin_password provided in the passwords.txt.
I am being told that my email is not in the system.

Looking for some context on what I did running the easy-install and the current state I am at.

Thank you!

Try Administrator for the login and the passsword you gave it.

Hii @VodkaSauce

For setting up the site password, try this:

bench --site {site} set-admin-password admin

Email: administrator
Password: admin

If it doesn’t work, you can reinstall the site using these commands:
bench reinstall {site}

@oneadvent it was this.

thank you both!