ERPNext installation Help Paid

Can Anyone Help Me to install ERP next on VPS with SSL?
Willing to pay.

Hi @Nayan16

I don’t consider mnyself experienced enough to offer my assitance, but you may want to start
this by adding some more detail.

what is your application … production , distribution , services …etc
Do you JUST require assistance with the “ACTUAL INSTALL” or do you require setting up as well.
When it comes to setting up m there is the basic system-type settings. But then after that,
there is the high-level setting up i.e. what is your warehosue structure, what is your
item-structure. What is your requirements wrt account-structure. ETc …etc…

And this all hangs together with the next question …
have you used ERPNext before or will you be login in the ERPNext for the “First” time , should
you get a system installed.

Lets say you have not used ERPNext before, what is your strategy to “up” your knowledge
before you dive in with real-life business-data on your new ERPNext installation ?

Which country are you in because this impacts on VAT-related setups and tax-related setups
that has to be done ?

Are you a one-man startup or are you an existing running concern with many employees?

These are only a few questions that comes to my mind that requires answers that will impact
the answer to your question.

Oh , me again…

Just thought of a few more things on an even lower level …

You say VPS … are you going to maintain the VPS related setup … linux-setup , firewalls,
security-strategy , URL’s etc…etc
or is all this included in the assistance that you require ?

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No need to pay, I can send a collection of guides that you can follow step by step from securing your server to install to backup.
But you should know that in most countries and cases using the services provided is better and cheaper in the end. especially if you are not very tech savvy (even if you are in a lot of cases).
but if you want :
1- Get a VPS I recommend using Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS OS.
2- secure your server
3- Buy a domain name
3- install ERP next
recommended 3-1 create a separate gmail address for your business
recommended 3-2 get an Zoho mail for your domain
4- secure with ssl here you have 2 options
4-1 lets encrypt
4-2 I personally use cloudflare both for DNS management and end to end encryption
5- setup your google account
6- Install a VB version or another instant on a PC to use and test with the back up files
7- Recommended use two factor authentication
8- Setup slack for auto notifs