ERPNext Installation in Ubuntu 14.04

Greetings to the community.

Its with a lot of frustration that i write to this community seeking for help on installing ERPNext in Ubuntu.

For 2 days, I have followed the instructions HERE And ON THIS SITE And ALSO HERE

The manual installation is quit difficult and always ends up breaking for one reason or the other while the automatic instruction has missing files (404 Nof Found) during downloads, disrupting the automatic process.

Please is there a source from which i can do the automatic installation even if its for a lower or higher version of Ubuntu? I will very much appreciate you assistance.

Why not proceed with the easy way,

sudo -i
sudo python --production --user frappe

Post screenshot in case of got stuck, good luck with installation, there’re a lot of frustrations comes after upon configurations, get ready!

Look at /etc/apt/sources.list it might be caused by other entries, just disable it for now.

frappe@domatob-pc:~$ sudo python --production --user frappe
[sudo] password for frappe:
Ign trusty InRelease
Ign trusty InRelease
Get:1 trusty Release.gpg [72 B]
Get:2 trusty-updates InRelease [65.9 kB]
Hit trusty Release
Hit trusty InRelease
Hit trusty/main Sources
Hit trusty/main i386 Packages
Hit trusty/main amd64 Packages
Hit trusty-security InRelease
Get:3 trusty-backports InRelease [65.9 kB]
Hit trusty-security/main Sources
Hit trusty/main i386 Packages
Hit trusty Release.gpg
Hit trusty-security/restricted Sources
Hit trusty/main ppc64el Packages
Get:4 trusty-updates/main Sources [387 kB]
Hit trusty-security/universe Sources
Hit trusty-security/multiverse Sources
Get:5 trusty-updates/restricted Sources [5,888 B]
Hit trusty-security/main i386 Packages
Get:6 trusty-updates/universe Sources [169 kB]
Get:7 trusty-updates/multiverse Sources [7,522 B]
Get:8 trusty-updates/main i386 Packages [883 kB]
Hit trusty-security/restricted i386 Packages
Hit trusty-security/universe i386 Packages
Hit trusty-security/multiverse i386 Packages
Ign trusty/main Translation-en_US
Hit trusty-security/main Translation-en
Ign trusty/main Translation-en
Get:9 trusty-updates/restricted i386 Packages [16.2 kB]
Hit trusty-security/multiverse Translation-en
Ign trusty InRelease
Ign trusty InRelease
Get:10 trusty-updates/universe i386 Packages [390 kB]
Hit trusty-security/restricted Translation-en
Hit trusty Release.gpg
Ign trusty Release.gpg
Hit trusty-security/universe Translation-en
Hit trusty Release
Ign trusty Release
Ign trusty/main Translation-en_US
Get:11 trusty-updates/multiverse i386 Packages [14.5 kB]
Hit trusty/main i386 Packages
Ign trusty/main Translation-en
Hit trusty/main Translation-en
Hit trusty-updates/main Translation-en
Hit trusty-updates/multiverse Translation-en
Hit trusty-updates/restricted Translation-en
Hit trusty-updates/universe Translation-en
Get:12 trusty-backports/main Sources [9,632 B]
Get:13 trusty-backports/restricted Sources [28 B]
Get:14 trusty-backports/universe Sources [35.3 kB]
Get:15 trusty-backports/multiverse Sources [1,898 B]
Get:16 trusty-backports/main i386 Packages [13.3 kB]
Get:17 trusty-backports/restricted i386 Packages [28 B]
Err trusty/main i386 Packages
404 Not Found
Get:18 trusty-backports/universe i386 Packages [43.2 kB]
Ign trusty/main Translation-en_US
Ign trusty/main Translation-en
Get:19 trusty-backports/multiverse i386 Packages [1,552 B]
Hit trusty-backports/main Translation-en
Hit trusty-backports/multiverse Translation-en
Hit trusty-backports/restricted Translation-en
Hit trusty-backports/universe Translation-en
Hit trusty Release
Hit trusty/main Sources
Hit trusty/restricted Sources
Hit trusty/universe Sources
Hit trusty/multiverse Sources
Hit trusty/main i386 Packages
Hit trusty/restricted i386 Packages
Hit trusty/universe i386 Packages
Hit trusty/multiverse i386 Packages
Hit trusty/main Translation-en
Hit trusty/multiverse Translation-en
Hit trusty/restricted Translation-en
Hit trusty/universe Translation-en
Ign trusty/main Translation-en_US
Ign trusty/multiverse Translation-en_US
Ign trusty/restricted Translation-en_US
Ign trusty/universe Translation-en_US
Fetched 2,110 kB in 23s (88.1 kB/s)
W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 351, in
File “”, line 21, in install_bench
‘sudo yum install -y epel-release redhat-lsb-core git python-setuptools python-devel openssl-devel libffi-devel’
File “”, line 219, in run_os_command
returncode = subprocess.check_call(command, shell=True)
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 540, in check_call
raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘sudo apt-get update’ returned non-zero exit status 100

yes, mirrors for MariaDB has been changed yesterday into digitalocean servers and today to datautama!
It could be the reason

I don’t know where they place that line it scripts, anway try to install MariaDB manually before executing installer.

sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver hkp:// 0xcbcb082a1bb943db
sudo add-apt-repository ‘deb [arch=amd64,i386,ppc64el] trusty main’

This line is really strange, are you using ubuntu? or somehow derivative distro?!
yum and epel-release are for Redhat, CentOS, Fedora etc.

Do you have webmin installed? disable its repo in /etc/apt/sources.list till you finish installation
webmin shown in that mirror

Thanks for assistance. I noticed what the problem was.

Just for the sake of anyone who will visit this post let me explain:

  1. First change user to root user by typing:
    sudo -i

You may be prompted to enter password, just enter and continue.

  1. download the installation file:

  2. Execute the installation file with a different user “frappe” is used in this case. However, it can be any name of your choice.

sudo python --production --user frappe

  1. if the installation fails along the line, repeat point 3

when its all done, you should see something like this:
PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************
localhost : ok=57 changed=25 unreachable=0 failed=0

Frappe/ERPNext has been successfully installed!

  1. Go to your browser and type:

  2. Login and you are good to go.

Bonne Chance…