ERPNext Installation on AWS

Can Anyone guide me on how to install erpnext on aws. I have installed erpnext on aws but the issue I am facing after installation, it is showing Nginx default page. I am stuck on that step. Please help me

Hi erakaash,

The issue here isn’t AWS but your nginx configuration. Tell us about your setup process. If you did the development setup process, are you connecting to the right port? If you did the production process, did you run bench setup nginx to generate your configuration files?

@peterg I am following this article to install on AWS. My site is running on port 80. Still facing the same issue. Please tell me the right process to install ERPNext on ubuntu 18.

How did you make that happen? The instructions you’ve posted are set up to port 8000 (see step 15).

If you want to be serving the site through nginx, you need to follow the instructions for production:

@peterg Thank you, for the quick reply!
I will be very thankful if u share steps for installation on ubuntu from scratch on my mail id I will be grateful if u guide me from starting.