ERPNext installation on server & Server requirement


Can you tell me?

How to install ERPNext on live server step by step?
Which type of server used for ERPNext run.

For best performance install Ubuntu server edition
Then go to GitHub and download and run the script
Then update the erpnext with bench update command and it’s done

Thanks Parag

Can you provide a GitHub url and what should download?
Which script run?
which command used for upgrade ERPNext?

Please follow Bench Easy Install and see basic usage.


Can you tell me?
How to access source code of ERPNext ,When I am using Window OS with VPN. And i am install ERPNext on local System.
How can access source code on local system?

You are on Windows ? Maybe a first step may be to use a virtual machine image. You have explanation on official website, at the download page.


How can access source code on local system?

Source code is available on Github. You have to install and know how to use the git tool to have a local clone, edit it…


I can edit after clone. Let i add one field in any module. so how can check field is update on browser.

You should look to the manual or learning videos : ERPNext includes powerful graphical customization without the need to edit the source code. Field addition is part of it.

I think it would be the best if Frappe would clearly state what OS they are using for development and on what OS install script is tested. I tried to install on Debian 8 (Jessie) and some extra tuning was required (adding extra repos etc.). I managed to install finally, however install was not simple as it might be is script was tested for Debian 8 in advance.

Hi @andrius,

Here is Rushabh’s setup :wink:

As for which OS are supported, CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian/MacOs are officially supported by the easy install script.
They are tested by the community and corrected when issues are encountered, so don’t hesitate to create a Github Issue explaining which repos/requirements were missing.

Even better, you can make a contribution by updating the script :slight_smile:


When i click on HR module show error message.

Server Error: Please check your server logs or contact tech support.

What should i do?

Hi @ayush,

Can you provide us with the error message in your log ?

It is located in frappe-bench/logs/frappe.log

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I have solved,

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