ERPNext installation on top of VestaCP

Hi all, i have attempted to install ERPNext on top of freshly installed VestaCP following this guide:

The installation is completed just dont know how to access the ERPNext webpage. Do i need to setup dns of the subdomain?
Can anyone help me?

os: centos 7

For production mode, you open a browser to http://localhost:8000, and for development mode to http://localhost:8080

right now im serving it on server with a domain. so how can i open browser in server to localhost:8000?

If you are on the machine that you installed to, then the localhost will work. If you know he IP address, then you can use that, or even the FQDN. I am assuming (examples) that the addresses are localhost,,, and that you installed production mode, which would use port 8000
In other words any of these should work…