ERPnext installed successfully but, Unable to connect

Dears, i am new in ERPNext
I installed all the requirements and installed erpnext and they all installed successfully.
after installation i assigned port to my new site, but i got “Unable to connect”

plz help

Note: I am using a remote server (centos), so i am access using IP

Share any traceback and screenshots if you can.

Sorry for being late @netchampfaris

is there any other traces i can send it to u?

Please share the snapshot of “Unable to Connect”. We need to see of this is coming from application or server.

cd to home/frappe/frappe-bench and check if you have a procfile generated.
Also, is and redis working?

@ajeenckya here’s the url:

i can send you ssh account, since it’s a free server

@Hala_Atef are you sure that the port 8000 is open for access.

Thanks for ur help
port was not allowed, but now it’s allowed and i got “Unable to connect”
here’s the url

Please change the port for 80 or 82 and check

For changing port use this commend

  bench set-nginx-port [YOUR SITE NAME] 82

  bench setup nginx

  sudo service nginx reload

Same problem :frowning:

im having the same issue, mine says IP/Host refused to connect,

any advice? im new to Linux and ERPNext.

ubuntu 18.04.5 - amd 64 server installed via easy install script.

This means your port is not open.
How did you install ERPNext?

hi sir, i installed it in 18.04.5 ubuntu server via easy install script.

it was successfully installed, but since i am new to linux and ERPNext, i am not sure how i could access my ERPNext server.

My questions are:

  • how do i run or check in ERPNext server is running
  • how do i connect via network

i would appreciate your help. again, i am new to these so i really appreciate the patience. :slight_smile:

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upon checking on the server, i was able to pull this out.

also, can it be our network policy blocking the connection?

What mode did you use? production or develop?
Also, usually modern browsers would not accept http anymore.
You may have to install ssl using the bench letscrypt command.

i used production sir.

apologies, i am new to Linux. Do you have a WhatsApp or Viber where i can message you sir?

Thank you in advance!

It may be better to resolve the issue here so others may learn. You may also send private messages to any member in this forum.
Have you done the ssl encryption using bench letsencrypt? That’s another reason why you cannot connect. (which happens even to flask, django, etc.)

Hi Guys, it seemed that i was able to successfully install ERPNext in Ubuntu 18.04.5. it was the nextwork’s configuration that hinders connection to ERPNext. we can now accress ERPNext via network. thanks