Erpnext installed with Docker

Good Afternoon everyone.

I’m not a programming guy but somehow i installed ERP next for myself in my Windows11 , with Docker.

I have few questions and problems.

  1. Where is my Erp Database is situated like if i upload so many purchase invoices, images, pdf, where will they go (storage source). To my local system ? or cloud (which i never linked) i use localhost8080 for login that’s all.

  2. If i want to add custom scripts or code from the web they written that i need to open the config.jason file something and frappe.ui.form.on
    from where i can access them.
    i have a custom doctype called cashbooks and i want their closing balance get calculated automatically when i enter the fund input and expense details.

i just want to know these question, Thanks in advance.

  1. It’s in Docker Container. You can bash into container and connect to DB.
  2. To install new apps you need to build the Docker Image every time. Even when updating specific app.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Could you please elaborate step by step guide as im new to this, i tried but didn’t get succeed, It will be a great help.
Thanks i have also attached my containers image.

The database runs as a separate container, if you want to log into the container issue the command
docker exec -it db-1 bash

For more information on building your own docker image, click here: frappe_docker/docs/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

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Thank you for the reply, just another question, if store so many files in my local host where will the data goes ? in my local c drive where the pwd.yml file situated ? or somewhere in the windows ? sorry for my bad english

It’s in Docker container called “backend”. That Docker container is linked with a docker Volume. That is where the files are stores.

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Thank you got the files as im using my own pc as a local host it uses my own c drive. Thanks for the help.
do you also know how to find the config json. file
as if i want to add a module or script change how can i do that.

Thanks again.

also if u can help me with this it will be a great help.
So my question is- I have Cashbook doctype in Erp.
In that i have some fields called opening balance, daily entries (expenses), (fund input).
So i want that the Net monthly expenses fields and Closing balance get calculated automatically. Based on the perday expenses and fund input.
My organization have this in their erp but i installed ERP personally for myself via DOCKER. and i don’t know how to do this and where to make changes.