ERPNext Installtion successfull on AWS but website not working

Hi There I am very new to ERPNext and was experimenting installing it in AWS, everything went well installation on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS was successful using the easy install method but i am unable to get the website working

Security Groups has port 22, 80, 8000 open still no go,

pls help

Please share more details like what URL you are using and what is the behaviour? What is on terminal window? Is bench running the site etc

url i m using is the IPv4 Public IP on AWS (also tried private)
While installation everything went right and got Frappe/ERPNext successfully installed

installed using
sudo python --develop

there is already site1.local made but i made another called localhost
both names added to hosts file
ports 22, 80, 8000 open in aws

bench start (running fine, no errors)

but cannot access site from any address

I can view the site now Thanks for help

had to add

How did you get access to view the site? Where did you add the port 8000?