ERPNext instatllation error

I am trying to install ERPNext on localhost. But getting errors.After running
“bench init erpnext” command I am fetching the following error. Have shared the screenshot of error below. Please help

try running this

sudo apt-get install python-distutils

and then try to initiate bench

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Thank you @saurabh6790 it worked. But i have one more error now.

what is the output for bench --help

Below I have shared the screenshot for bench --help

You have created erpnext as bench directory but it seems bench is not properly initialized.
delete erpnext directory and rerun init command and follow the sequence from

if you are familiar with docker
then try

@yashodhan thanks. Now I am facing on more issue. Please help. I am sharing the screenshot below.

your bench is located in ~ directory and hence causing problem.
You seems to have not used easy install method in the beginning?

can you share ls -laih of you ~/ directory ?