ERPNext Integration for our Company

We are electrical machine and equipment manufacturer and looking forward to integrate ERPNext as our ERP. Currently we are using tally for our accounts but find it very difficult. We manufacture our products on customers needs and design. We manufacture electrical control panels and we are finding it difficult to make BOM’S for our orders. Since our every item manufactured is customized will we have to make multiple items for ervey order?

@SumeetGore welcome to the forum!

There are 2 options:

  1. You can use the “Duplicate” feature to make BOMs quickly from templates.
  2. You can also directly assemble items from Stock Entry so that you don’t need to make BOMs.

Hi @rmehta,

Thanks for your reply. Here is my question a little elaborated.
We manufacture electrical Control Panels. Its a single product but can be customized in millions of ways. Each and every part is unique for each customer. Is their any method to make multiple BOM’s and use them for pricing and manufacturing purposes? Moreover we practice “make to order” so we will not be stocking up our manufactured products.

Hi @SumeetGore,

Currently how do you prepare your BOMs?

Hi @Tanuj,

Currently we do that on excel, make quatations, send it to our clients. After getting confirmation we use the BOM for production. For accounting purposes we use Tally ERP. We find it difficult to use for ERP due to its drawbacks.

  1. Very poor on network.
  2. Bad UI.
  3. Hard for every one to learn.

We found ERPNext very useful for our organization and hence looking forward for its implementation. It is perfect over network. Thumbs up for the UI. And very convenient customization then Tally ERP.


Is making the BOM on the ERP harder than Excel?

Your problem isnt very clear yet. Is it the items that need to be added that you’re facing a difficulty with?

@SumeetGore as @Tanuj you will have to try different things and find the workflow that works for you. I would think making standard templates of BOM and then making a new BOM for every project from that template might work best. But it really depends on your use case.

@Tanuj We manufacture a single product called Electrical Control Panel. Each and every product is made after a order is confirmed. Every product is unique in itself. All the raw materials required are different. That’s why making multiple BOM for a single product will make it harder. Maybe we should try using multi-level BOM.

Thanks @rmehta for your help. Maybe we will try using multi-level BOM. Surely it will help us.

Hi SumeerGore,
we are in the same business industry and would like to check if you succeeded with ERPnext in your company or not