ERPNext Integration With Bcommerce

Hi Everyone

Can anyone tell me a correct way to sync products from Bigcommerce ?.
Bigcommerce using ProductOptions for products as different Attributes for Item in ERPNext. When customers create order on Bigcommerce there are multiple Options available for product to order the same product.Product options can be based on Color or Print (sometime both print and color).
Problem Statement.
While syncing products from Bigcommerce which have one or more options ERPNext.
Which is best way to sync products from Bigcommerce which one or more options ? :

1.) While Syncing products from Bigcommerce, If product has one or more options (as item attribute in ERPNext). Should i try to create only item template by adding all the product options as attributes of item.
Later they will have to create all the item variant as they are required while syncing orders from BigCommerce.

2.) While syncing products from bigcommerce, if product has one or more options(as item attribute in ERPNext). should i try to create item template by adding all the products options as attributes of item as well as all item variants, which are possible numbers of these attributes combinations .

** Item attributes master data will be sync with Product Options, and fetch before fetching products. Imagine as there is no dependency of master data for Item **

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone of you give me feedback/solutions about this problem statement.
Thank you

Have a look at:

GitHub - frappe/erpnext_shopify: [Deprecated] Shopify connector for ERPNext

It sync erpnext to shopify …can be a good starting

@navdeepghai Did you ever get a solution for this?

@cobini, Yes! I already built one way communication app. It automate the process for ERP system to pull the data from Bigcommerce, unfortunately I was able to built this app for one way communication only.

You may contact with my previous company. I built this app while working with them.

Company Info available on website.

@navdeepghai - That’s good! One way connection will only work for accounting purposes though - not for order fulfillment/shipping/updating customers about order status.

Why is one-way communication only possible? Would it be possible?

I meant to say, I just built this app for one way communication.One way communication doesn’t mean it’s not syncing order/shipping and customer from Big Commerce to ERP. It’s syncing all the data from big commerce including variants, items, orders, customer, shipping address etc. but it’s not sending data to Bigcommerce store from ERP.
Everything is possible :slight_smile: