ERPNext integration with Frepple Production Plan tool

Good days guys!

I am currently developing the ERPNext production plan and thinking to integrate the ERPnext with 3rd party production plan tool such as Frepple. Frepple itself provide an Odoo Connector to integrate with Odoo. I am wondering is that any way to integrate Frepple with ERPNext via similar way or through API method. Any idea on that?

Any help will do! Thank you.

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There were some other guys who implemented Frepple in the ERPNext. I don’t know the technical details.

Hi thank you your reply!

Do you have any idea who the guy is and can share with me their username or email so i can consult them directly.

We did it for one of our customers

Hi thank you for the reply!

Do you mind to share with me on how you pass the doctype data (e.g item, BOM,sales order ) from ERPNext to Frepple and send the data back to ERPnext after finishing the production plan using frepple? I notice frepple have provide some integration method as shown below:

Can you share with me some idea for the integration part? Thank you again.

ps: I am using ERPNext V12 and Frepple was installed via docker installation.

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I saw your github repository and think that this is a great ideia.

I’m just learning how to use ERPNext and use it with Frepple will be really helpfull in the manufacturing day by day.

How is this developing working? I’m using a Production OVA in a VM, do you know if this Frapple module works in this condition?