ERPNext Integration With Google Calendar

Hello Team,

I have used the Gcalendar app and integrate it into my ERPNext instance. After successfully installation I have setup Gcalendar Settings as per guidance provided on link Google Calendar Integration

After that when I create Gcalendar account and while clicking on save it gives me an error “Invalid module path”.

error in File “/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/data_migration/doctype/data_migration_connector/”, line 22, in validate
frappe.throw(frappe._(‘Invalid module path’))

So if anyone has an idea then please let me know how to resolve it.


Hi @Harsh_Mehta,

Which version of ERPNext are you using ?
Google Calendar integration is embedded in ERPNext from v11 onwards.
If you installed the following app you should remove it since it is not maintained (only here for developers’ reference as stated in the Readme): everything has been moved into Frappe and a lot of corrections/improvements have been made since then.

If you are using the embedded integration, please open a ticket on Github and I’ll have a look at it.


Thanks for your reply.

Actually I am using ERPNext: v10.1.75 (master) & Frappe Framework: v10.1.67 (master) in a development environment so google calendar feature is not implemented into my version and I need it on urgent basis so first I have taken app from repository but it is not installed properly so I have remove it and create new app with name gcalendar and put all the code manually which is needed into my app from frappe development branch.

Also I have installed all the library which is needed for google calendar but still error persists. So can you help me to resolve this error.

If you need the Google Calendar integration urgently I would recommend you to upgrade to v11.

If you prefer to make your own customization, then, unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you.
You can always check the current implementation in v11 to help you with your customization.

Good luck!

Actualy in development branch so many errors coming at time of our custom development so we are always using master branch and continue our custom programming via our custom app. I have checked again my gcalendar app with frappe integration app but that error persists while connection established.

Hope you can guide me to resolve it or you can replicate it at your end also.


In file

def get_connection_class(python_module):
filename = python_module.rsplit(‘.’, 1)[-1]
classname = frappe.unscrub(filename).replace(’ ', ‘’)
module = frappe.get_module(python_module)

here filename & classname is properlly coming but module is not coming and it’s raise error so further works stopped.
No forum users managed to get this app to work. I would not recommend trying to use it.

It seems like the word DEPRECATED was not clear enough…
The repo was only a reference for developers, but since it has created some confusion I have deleted it.

But we have not used the code of repo as you have mentioned the word DEPRECATED but we have grabbed the code of frappe integration of google calendar and put them manually into our code.

I think Video should be there for better understanding.

Apologies @chdecultot. I only mentioned avoiding your repo to the OP due to its depreciated status and age.
@Harsh_Mehta I agree with @chdecultot. Just upgrade to V11.

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