ERPNext integration with other system like redmine

i’m trying to integrate erpnext and redmine and make bidirectional connection between them.
so i’m trying to find any past tries ti integrate erpnext with another open source system and how they listened to the actions of erpnext to connect it with another system .
if any body have any experience in this matter share it with me please.

Anything is possible with enough effort!

I’m not aware of an existing integration between Redmine<>ERPNext, however, ERPNext does have an API which can be used to talk with other systems. The existing ERPNext integrations (Shopify, etc) use the API to integrate with those systems.

Depending what you want to happen between the two, you’d have to learn about the API for each of the systems and then make them communicate. You’d probably need the help of a developer if you are not one yourself, but there are some tools out there to get started playing with APIs and understanding how they work. For example, Postman:

Here’s the API documentation for ERPNext.

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