ERPNext integration with Salla

Golive Solutions is excited to announce its latest integration between ERPNext and Salla, two powerful tools that streamline business operations and enhance customer experiences. This integration empowers businesses to seamlessly connect their ERP and e-commerce platforms, allowing for efficient order management and inventory control.

key features of the ERPNext Connector with Salla

ERPNext Connector with Salla is a software integration that enables seamless data exchange and automation between two platforms

Bi-Directional Sync

The connector allows for the seamless exchange of data between ERPNext and Salla in both directions. This means that changes made in one system will automatically reflect in the other system, ensuring data consistency across both platforms.

Real-time Data Sync

The integration offers real-time data synchronization, ensuring that updates made in one platform are instantly reflected in the other platform.

Order Management

The connector enables you to manage your orders from Salla in ERPNext, allowing you to track your orders from start to finish and streamline your order fulfillment process.

Inventory Management

You can synchronize your inventory data between ERPNext and Salla, helping you keep your inventory levels up-to-date and reducing the risk of overselling or stockouts.

Product Management

With the connector, you can manage your product information in ERPNext and sync it with Salla, including product name, description, pricing, and more.

Customer Management

The integration allows you to synchronize your customer data between ERPNext and Salla, including contact details, shipping information, and more.

Tax Management

You can manage your tax rates and rules in ERPNext and sync them with Salla, ensuring that your customers are charged the correct tax rates at checkout.

Payment Integration

The connector enables you to integrate your payment gateway with Salla, allowing you to accept payments online and process them directly in ERPNext.

Shipping Management

The connector enables you to integrate your preferred shipping companies with Salla, allowing you to provide accurate shipping rates and options to your customers during checkout and Shipping Labels, Shipment Tracking, Shipping Cost Calculation, Multi-Carrier Support

Loyalty Points Management

The connector allows you to manage your loyalty points program in ERPNext and sync it with Salla. You can configure the loyalty point rules, such as how many points customers earn per purchase or the conversion rate of points to currency. In addition to Loyalty Points Redemption, Loyalty Points Balance & Loyalty Points Reporting.

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