ERPNext Integration with WordPress WooCommerce

Hi All,

We have the plugin ready.

  1. it will sync products both ways
  2. orders from woocommerce to erpnext (If COD- it will create sales order and if paid, it will create sales invoice)
  3. customers from woocommerce to erpnext only if the customer has placed an order in woocommerce site.

Awesome! Works out of the box? No issues?

Thanks for the feedback.

Will continue to support the community and update the plugin as per suggestions.

Let us know if you need any support.

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Hi, great job, I´m looking forward to see some documentation or demo,
please let me know when it will be available

@techyidiots it looks great so far. we are looking to have only select items to be uploaded to the woocommerce store. IT would also be nice to manage more thank one woocommerce store.


lets us know if you have any issues.

will help you.


My skype id is hakimalif. please reach me on skype and we can schedule a time for demo.
Documentation will be ready by wednesday and uploaded on the site.

Hi any good news/reviews about this woocommerce connector.
I would love to know more about it…

Perhaps you can sponsor this feature from here.

Anyone tested that addon? Is it working properly?

hi, no signals in the forum that this plugins works fine. On the otrher hand it isn’t free software and is not possible colaborate.

I dont know how generate a bounty source, but i sure many peoples will join for the request for the woocomerce.


We have team of developers which are working on woo-commerce api, if anyone want to collaborate, we would like to help


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Hi @kolate_sambhaji! What type of help need? Bounty or code?

IS there a bounty on this?

What of Magento?

Push your code first!

We need developer help or code.

We are still initial phase, we will push some document this week

  1. Update/Create Item
  2. Create Order
  3. Update Price

@kolate_sambhaji ok, I and my partner have experience whit APIs, We would love to collaborate with this project as it is highly requested woocomerce. When push the code?

Hi Rmetha, in this case, a bountysource is convenient or not from your point of view?


Hi. Thanks for trying.

We must be updating the plugin that time.

Please try now.

You can connect with me on Skype hakimalif

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Did anyone get this plugin to work? We would like to incorporate it.
We really need this WooComerce integration…
Any feedback? Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


I bought this and it doensnt work good
Does not have auto sync.
Product titles arent completely send to erpnext
Tax settings arent sent to erpnext

Dont recommend anyone to buy until plugin dev fixs those issues