ERPNext Integration with WordPress WooCommerce

How can I integrate ERPNext with WooCommerce ?

Is there any hooks available in ERPNext such that if there any change in the stock quantity it will automatically update WooCommerce ?



ERPNext Connector is not readily available for WooCommerce. For now, it’s only available for the Shopify.

ERPNext has REST API which allow you to integrate it with other applications.


Is it possible to program or automatically call a woocommerce api when there is a change in erpnext stock ?

Everything is possible. Depends on how much you are willing to pay for such a solution. I’m also very fond of woocommerce, however I don’t see it work together quite quickly in the future, because of the nature of both products.

Both are open source projects that are constantly maintained and adapted to an ever changing set of circumstances (server updates, php updates, wordpress updates, woocommerce updates, other plugin updates, deprecations, erpnext changes, etc…) so the chance of the “adapter” or “integration software” to be “up to date” all the time would be a nightmare to maintain. I’m not sure anybody would want to maintain this, especially not for free.

So yes it’s possible, but unlikely to happen for free. You’d need a freelancer and then continuously update the integration software in order for everyting to keep working on every update.

Also, I don’t think all woocommerce options are available in erpnext and vice versa. Too bad the website/webshop of erpnext is so “basic”. It really needs to start supporting theming and make things more dynamic (e.g. auto-scaling product images) to make it look more attractive.

Still, I’m not complaining. :slight_smile: Just expressing some thoughts.


Dear Laurens,
I am planning to develop such an integration.

I am asking whether ERPNext provides such an option like callback or something such that it will call woocommerce api when there is any change in stock ?

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Can anybody guide me ?

wordpress_json · PyPI (example doesn’t work)
But it has prerequisite configuration for your WordPress
In brief it says,
Activate 3 plugins

  1. WordPress REST API (Version 2)
  2. WP REST API Meta Endpoints

Once that is done WordPress can be accessed from rest api see documentation Redirecting…

Use Python requests in your app Advanced Usage — Requests 2.28.1 documentation

I manually did this to import a blog through Python console. bench console


Hi, have you received a success with developing such an integration?

Hi, yes we are currently testing our plugin. Once we successfully do a client installation we will publish the plugin.


Hi, thanks for you answer

how is this coming along we are looking into working on something similar?

just curious … why do you not publish your work in a stage where you still may need code and comments from others but only when it’s ‘finished’?

I always though that was the point of Open Source


Hello does anyone still need this integration - we are considering building at DSYNC integration platform. We would be interested in the communities interest in this connector.


@DSYNC Are you planning to build one to connect to Magento 2?

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Yes I do

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@bardbq - excellent I will chat to the team. We already have a woo asset so we just need to build the ERP next side and the two systems can then talk. As it is opensource we look to have some sort of special account set up. There is a separate thread started however thank you for the Woo<>ERP next request will chat to the team.

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Hi @jai_kejriwal yes it is most likely we build the order, customer, inventory as phase 1 to check interest.

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@DSYNC the plugin is very
interesting, may I ask you when it will be up and running also for the
erpnext cloud version?

Hello @giorgio_alessio - Thanks for your note. I plan to meet with the engineering team next week to push this forward and find out how we can prioritize. We are also looking to provide a certain number of Free (up to a certain GB) for the first 50 erpnext developers.We may not be able to provide the free installs however most devs can easily work the DSYNC mapping engine.

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Great! Let me know when we can start working with this

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