ERPNext is frequently going down. Any trouble shooting guides are available?

Erpnext is frequently going down. Not able to figure out the reason. I have checked /var/log and / frappe bench logs but not able to figure out anything. Is there any troubleshooting guide available?

Hi. For someone to help, you need to give following at the minimum

  1. Where is it hosted. Local/cloud?
  2. What error are you getting on login page?
  3. Any specific DocType making this error?
  4. Logs of the error.
  5. If cloud then it maybe due to multi users logging in from one IP which makes it seem like an attack and blocking the address.

@Muzzy how do we resolve this? I seem to be having this problem of IP address of clients with nultiple users on the same IP being blocked, what do we do to resolve this?

Particularly with this issue you will be able to successfully use ERPNext from a different network (ISP), and this is how you test for it.

You want to add an Exception for that group of IP’s in fail2ban, typically we white-list the whole ISP, e.g

However I have a new problem which is quite different but related to this topic. Nginx seems to actually shut down atleast once a month at midnight.