ERPNext is not SEO friendly

I am currently in the process of updating my website, and I’ve noticed that the product pages are not being indexed properly. I’ve already submitted a request for the manual update of product URLs in Google Search Console. In my research, I used the tool to see how my website appears to Google, and I was surprised to find that the product listings on my item group page are not showing. This discovery has shed light on why my product pages may not be getting indexed as expected.

While I appreciate the powerful features of ERPNext, especially for someone without coding experience, I am now reconsidering the decision to move away from WordPress. There seem to be additional SEO issues that need attention. I’m hopeful that the ERPNext team will address these concerns, as I’m keen to resolve these matters and ensure optimal performance for my website.

Have you set up Website Route Meta docs for your site?

Meta Tags aren’t a big issue for me. The product listing on the item group page doesn’t load in HTML; instead, it’s rendered through JavaScript or another programming method. When you inspect the page source, you won’t find the product listing, making it difficult for Google to read and index.

Moreover, essential elements like the Product Title are not displayed in H1 tags on the front end. Surprisingly, the product detail page doesn’t use header tags for some unknown reason.

Frappe/ERPNext excel in solving a set of problems very different from this.

Consider using Next.js for your front-end. And if you are concerned about the e-commerce functionality, or if e-commerce is the main function of your business, I would seriously consider other platforms that are built for e-commerce specifically

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I am doing that.

Hey @more, i agree with you 100%