ERPNext is slow after manual install on ubuntu 18.04

Hi everybody,

I installed both ways, easy install and manual install on a ubuntu 18.04.
When I install the easy way it works fine but when I manual install it runs very slow, it’s about 9 seconds to open any feature.

Guide to install frappe on linux

Easy install

What are the specs for your hardware/machine?

  • Do you have enough RAM - this is the most common cause of speed issues - if your machine is swapping to disk, performance will be poor.
  • Have you changed the settings for DB optimisation?

@trentmu thanks

I’ve installed the ERPNext on a Linux virtual environment using Hyper-V, follow below the specifications:


  • xeon e5-1600 v3
  • memory ram DDR4 16GB 2133MHz
  • hard drive ssd 120GB
  • windows pro 10


  • dynamic hard drive
  • dynamic ram
  • 2 processors
  • install Ubuntu server 18.04

I installed was suggested on the guide install manual. I guess that the machine is not the problem, as I said that when I install using the easy install it works fine.

I’m just wondering how you got the easy install to work successfully. Folks have been trying to install using the easy install script for days all to no avail.

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I don’t know Hyper-V, and specifically the dynamic RAM options. When it is slow, it might be temporarily swapping to disk while the Hyper-V decides if it should assign more RAM? (I am just guessing here). Maybe try setting a fixed amo9unt of RAM of 2-4GB

You need to install as root.

sudo su -

Download the installer


Install using the user that you want to own the application

python --production --user [username]

I made the installation and follow the instruction to have better performance, I guess that it’s much better because it reduced to 1~2 seconds.

I was wondering if that could be even better.

Thanks. Regards.

There is an inherent lag in the browser - not much you can do about that as far as I know. The other possibility is that you have a network related problem - WiFi is substantially slower than wired connection, so at the very least, you should have the ERPNext server machine connected to a wired LAN point