ERPNext is suitable for food delivery?

Thank you contribution for all ERPNext community members. You do a really good job on open source field with your ERP. I am not sure this is a best choice for my small business, but I follow your improvements a long time and I really want to use it.

Do you think is this suitiable for a restaurant? We just produce food and delivery, but we need quite precise stocking on ingridients and products. I think the second important thing is to get or build reports what can help us to understand our businesses like sales in time frames and etc.

What do you suggest? Can we use ERPNext for a food delivery restaurant or should we search for something else?

Is there anyone who has some experinece with restaurant and/or delivery?

Thank you very much

I think it would be possible to use erpnext for a food delivery restaurant. It would require some very detailed configuration work upfront though.

I think your biggest challenge would be dealing with the spoilage and waste element of the business. As raw ingredients expire they would have to be transferred to waste and written off. The same would be true for the occasional undeliverable order of finished product.

Right now waste management is not handled very well in erpnext. It is a very labor intensive function requiring you to create a waste warehouse location and manually transfer material into it, and then go back and perform the accounting moves to write that stuff off.

BOM’s would essentially be your recipes and “build to order” production orders would be your production management and sales plan.

It is certainly possible, but there would be plenty of planning needed to set it all up properly.