ERPNext Issue: Stock Reconciliation Child Table not populating data

In Stock Reconciliation Item child table, our team added Item description as an additional data column, referencing:
Everything was working 6/1/2023:

We are now attempting to use Stock Reconciliation again on 7/2/2023, and it is no longer populating the descriptions:

Here is what we have which was working before:

Is there a glitch right now, or was there a glitch before that made this work on ERPNext v13?

Any guidance is appreciated-- thank you!




ERPNext: v13.51.7 (HEAD)
Frappe Framework: v13.57.3 (HEAD)

Installation method


Hi @SimplifyBS,

Please apply it.


Then reload and check it.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your response @nihantra!
Unfortunately, we performed the change and it has not worked, even with a reload, as well as logging out and logging back in:

Is there anything else, perhaps, that we are doing wrong that you can see under Description settings?

Here is also the Item Code settings:

Thank you again, we really appreciate this!

Hi @NCP – Thank you for getting us really close to the resolution! Our dev checked Fetch if Empty, and now, when we input line by line, THEN the description appears.
The remaining issue we have is that it will not appear if we Fetch from the Warehouse:

We are going to consider this closed for now, and I will try to work around this limitation.
Thank you for your support!