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Hello! First of all congratulations for this amazing ERP!
I am excited and proud to present The idea is to promote in Italy ERPNext (

Through these pages (written in Italian) I would like to support your project / effort. I hope you like it and that you agree with this choice. Let me know any suggestions or criticisms.

Happy coding!

  • davide

@dade thanks for posting. Your site is cool but our terms explictly forbids using “erpnext” as a domain. erpnext/ at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Also its not clear if you are a community organization or a commercial one. IF you are a commercial organization then I would recommend you make a separate community site + mailing list and make a new organization with a different name.

The mailing list will get your leads for your commercial business, but that list should also be accessible to other vendors in Italy.

Your contact / about us page should make things clear.


oh sorry I read the terms but I miss the part of domain related. my fault. this would be only a community site without any purpose about profit, customization or grab money to ERPNext (the only target is to divulgate your platform in Italy against language and distance because i like it) but don’t worry this evening when I return to home I delete all… I’ll continue as a user.

happy coding

ps some parts are missing cause I made it in latest nights so was a work in progress


@dade much easier to start with a simple mailing list / google groups for ERPNext users in Italy and then put-up a website.


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Hi @dade, there is an ErpNext Italian Community? Are you still using it? I would be happy to start using it by the project doesn’t seem popular in our country

@matteoarosti actually there is not Italian community, there are some users/developers in the community.

If you like, would take care of the Foumdation Italian Chapter

Thanks @JoEz but I can’t found the Italian Chapter. Can I ask you some questions privately? I’d like to understand more about the possibility to use ErpNext for a small italian company.

sure …no probs

Might I suggest creating an ERPNext Italy chapter?

how is that website a presentation of an Italian ERPNext Community? Looks more like a website of a Service Provider (which without any good reason or context, would be regarded as spam in this context I guess)

On another note alas each link on the chapter list above responds with a 404.

OTOH this works as expected

EDIT: Added responds 404 not found · Issue #412 · erpnext/foundation · GitHub and noticed too
your suggestion vrms from a few months ago There are 2 concurring listing of Chapters - let's merge them · Issue #371 · erpnext/foundation · GitHub

@vrms is not present on the forum. I suppose that is deleted by moderator.

I would like to join the Italian Chapter but whatever chapter link is not working
here where I checked:

Hi, all the links on this page:
are broken.
Actually, there is no official Italian Chapter.

I’m working on Italian Localisation with other developers. We developed the functionality to implement Electronic Invoice complaint with this:

Next step that we planned is the review of the chart of accounts and the inventory valuation methods.

If you are interested to join our workgroup write to me in private.

Hi @mascor kindly contact me I’m interested in knowing about your customization of erpnext and perhaps contributing to it.