ERPNext Item Stock Question

How do I set what price I sourced A item for?

Any help with this would be amazing so i can keep track of what i spent vs what i sell items for.

I’m not sure to understand what you mean by “sourced” but if you are recording the buying process in ERPNext it should keep track of what you spend for each item.
If your item is manufactured and you are recording the whole process in ERPNext, it should also give you a precise idea of what the item is costing.

Im trying to program what i spent on each item, Also not manufacturing, I am a refurbisher.

In terms of actual buying, running a report on Purchase Invoices would yield that information.

Otherwise, you could examine the Stock Ledger Entries, and search for incoming (positive) quantities. Not everything in the Ledger will be purchase-related, but you could filter on Voucher Type.

the best is to explain in detail your type of business what you do and give an example

Hi. Did you checked this report? (Brandwise Items and Profitability Report)