ERPNext Kolkata Community

Hello Community,

How many of us are users or developers in Kolkata or in or around Kolkata? It would be nice to get a count and then hopefully get a local chapter going.

Thank you,



There are a few I know. I am based out of Bangalore, will be visiting Kolkata next week.


We will love to be a part of the Kolkata Chapter. Around 2-3 people from our company - Codezin

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Awaiting more responses.

I am 400 KMS away from Kolkata, but it’s the nearest metro fir me, so I would like to be part of the Kolkata community

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Shalin, where are you located?


@jai_kejriwal , @teamcodez @shalin When is the first Meetup? :stuck_out_tongue:

Will have to be end June. Am traveling for twenty days satring next week.

Hi. So when is the first meet-up planned? I am also in Kolkata and available to join in.

Will likely schedule first meet-up in July