ERPNext Landing page

I have installed ERPNext on virtual machine and connected it with visual studio code and now working on it. Can anybody tell me from where I can change my landing page url in code?


If you want to just change the Homepage then you can follow the instructions:

Homepage (

If you are looking to build a custom template, then you will need to create a new App. It’s not actually hard to do. I’ve had a lot of success taking existing website templates and importing the code, css, js into a new app and then using that. It will override the default website page settings.

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Thank you so much.
Can I also change ERPNext dashboard template?
Kindly share your experience :slight_smile:

You can override the dashboard template. I’ve never had a need to do it so haven’t tried.

However there have been posts on here in the past where people have done some impressive customisation of the backend templates to fit their needs. So a search of the forum would probably give some useful results.

ok, Thanks alot :slight_smile: