ERPnext Launch plan/ template

Is there any launch planning template or step by step guide to launch?? TIA

Once you do a new installation, there is a set up wizard that guides you through the process.

Hi @nicole. As Pawan points out there is a Wizard that helps you to get started and is a great tool. Of course every company is different so it is tough to build a system or even a checklist that works for everyone. But here is a look at the process I am building. (In my case, I need to do many implementations and I am setting up a process that looks like this. I realize my situation is likely different from yours.):

  • Initial Config: Setup Wizard
  • Secondary Config: Email alerts, currencies, Letterheads, User Profiles, Mode of Payment, Supplier types, Chart of Accounts, Dropbox backup
  • People: Roles and Permissions. Modules (show/hide), Security, 2FA, Customer lists, Supplier Lists.
  • Products: Set up Items, Import current inventories, Set up Purchase procedures, Manage inventories/warehouses, price lists,
  • Orders: Bring in historical orders, check process of Sales Quotation ā†’ Sales Order ā†’ Sales Invoice ā†’ Paid Invoice (A/R ->Cash)
  • Pay Bills: Vendors, Terms, Print Checks,
  • Financials: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow
  • Punch List: Work open issues
  • Month End: Close the books, Handle Accruals

NOTE: I am a rookie at doing this. There are many others on this board that could give much more detailed answers. It is a great community, join in!

One of the cool things about doing this in ERPnext is that you can create Projects and Tasks and use ERPnext to mange the process of implementing ERPnext. This lets (forces!) everyone on the team to start using the tool. Hope this helps.


I know how to install and work with the wizard but Iā€™m looking for something like a deployment guide, roll out plan/ template. Thanks in Advance