ERPNext library


i want to create cashflow report and i think the interface bill be like profit and loss report, i found there is getData function that pretty usefull, but it look for root type instead of parent type, is there any function that simmilar to getData function but selecting from parent not root type ?


Could not found any similar function. You can write your own similar function as get_data, may be all the other function inside get_data (excluding get_accounts) can be reused.

OK, thanks…

anyway is there any function to get opening or the total value of account in the begining of fiscal year ? i want to get total value of bank and cash account at begining of the fiscal_year


Check erpnext/ at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

get_balance_on function will return account balance on a specific date.


thanks ill try that now…

do you have any progress on developing cashflow managaement report