ERPNext + LLM (ChatGPT, Ollama)

:rocket: Project Description: We’re developing an exciting initiative to enhance ERPNext with AI capabilities, revolutionizing business decision-making. Our goal is to integrate tools like ChatGPT and Ollama for real-time data analysis, enabling features such as AI-driven business suggestions, SQL generation, and automated report creation. Join our open-source collaboration to shape the future of intelligent ERP solutions and empower businesses with data-driven insights.

Anyone Intrested Please Drop Your Comments.


Github : Antony-M1 · GitHub
Linkedin : Antony


This is interesting.

Any progress on this ?

Yes we explored the Langchain using of SQL query generation. some how we are stuck in the low hardware issues we explore the but sometimes that one is not good I’m in the face of finding the hardware resource.

Seems like a great initiative!

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There’s some iniciatives already ongoing!

Which hardware are you using ?

I’m Using the 16GP Ram + 1TP SSD machine don’t have GPU sometimes I rent the google colab T4 if I want to fine-tune the llm.

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