Frappe Framework + CrewAI = KAI -- Native AI Agents in Frappe

Hi All,

For people who are interested in Frappe integration with AI Agents you can look at the custom app below.

This app allows us to Create AGENTS that will complete TASKS using AI.
It is very new so needs more testing but sky is the limit what can be done with it.
By Adding more TOOLS it will be possible to do many tasks in frappe and ERPNExt directly.

Let me know if you find it useful.


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@kemaletdin thanks to share!

We did a lot of tests months ago with BabyAGI, regarding your concern about how to test! I can help you with! Recently the OpenAI introduced seeds, that can turn the results reproducible!

Also using libraries like Mimesis, on top of the same seed, you can generate reproducible answers!

Regarding tools, we have been able to:

  • Create Events
  • Query Report Data
  • Generate PDF’s
  • Send Emails

Using the ERPNext API, but a big training dataset had to have time invested!