ERPNext Login Integration on Website

How can i create ERPNext Login Integration on Website?
And i need to have all to create ERPNext Login Integration on Website?
What are scopes that i can included in?

If your website is based on frappe framework

If the scope is openid you’d get jwt id_token which could be decrypted using client secret. (Optional) any scope will do, just keep the default.

For non frappe website integration flow is.

Click on login with Frappe initiate GET authorize endpoint.

You get the code on redirect uri

Use code to get token on get_token endpoint.

Use token to access openid_profile endpoint, from where user details can be used to create a user on your website.

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Want is mean by non frappe website integration, and website based on frappe framework? What is the differences between them? Please can you elaborate it.

Please read the documentation to know more about website based on frappe framework and the framework in general.