ERPNext LTS cookbook

Continuing the discussion from A general comment on versions, design and architecture changes:

based on the linked topic I have set up a repository where we can create a document for describing the processes and requirements for us to be able to calling a previous ERPNext version LTS.

I don’t claim much of any ownership about it’s particular content but am happy to steer the creation process and am hoping for PR’s and issues on that repo.

@bkm, @brian_pond have shown certain interest in this matter, but certainly everybody else is equally welcomed (especially someone from the Frappe Core team should probably be on board at least “reading along”). Furthermore I could imagine especially service providers may benefit significantly from LTS versions` and likewise would be interested to help with getting this on the read in the right way.


hurrah! thanks to @brian_pond, who made a first move the other day we have started to develop our LTS cookbook.

Looking forward to building up based on this. Everybody else is more then welcome to help us with this. I think this can be a small thing which on the long run will become highly beneficial for the entire community.