Erpnext Master/Slave Server

Hi thanks for answering my question.

As we all know the erpnext is having HR Sales and many modules so if the company is having 500 users and only 100 are important and using several modules, those hundred users will use Cloud system.

But the rest users Who fall in Employee category and Only using HR module for their Leave application and Leave balance will be using local server, so if the data of the cloud server will replicate on local server (of those hundred users) then company don’t have to pay for the rest 400 hundred users and also they can maintain the redundancy.

Here I am talking about one way replication which is cloud to local.

I hope you got my point.


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Have you tried using NAVICAT ? you can easy create a conection from both databases and select the tables you want to copy or synchronize.


I can pay for the installation of instances if it is required, but the question is still same, moving those 100 users on cloud will avoid the important users to Erpnext cloud services or amazon AWS will give those users almost no downtime, but you know you cannot commit 100% uptime with your local server, so if Erpnext will work as One way data sync to local server will help.

On the other side I think Erpnext cloud services selling will improve (this is my assumption), you can restrict this feature for erpnext cloud services only.


Even I am planning for the same like database replication, this can be easy because mysql is the backend of this system, and that database can be replicated, but will it replicate all the things? like settings and other stuff.

I will explore NAVICAT but have anyone tried this before ?

Yes i have you can select wich tables you will need to replicate so theres no need to synchronize all the tables and i find it very easy to use.

well …i still not get your point …neither on local network you will have 100% …anyway it’s up to you …

Is it possiple to do two way replication between cloud and local?

Just looking at prices, using the cloud for 100 users will cost $1500, and unlimited users costs $3000.

So, you’re looking at a difference of $1500/year. Now, it will cost you maybe $1000+ a year (admin, backups, maintenance, VM, testing, updates, security, etc) to host internally. So you will maybe save $500/year on this.

Doesn’t seem worth the effort to do this.