ERPNext media kit & resources for marketing and community events

Hi Everyone.

Recently the ERPNext community has seen a boost in participation from the members of the community and we can already see developer training sessions, meetups, and other local events getting organised frequently. So I think it is good time to create a community curated repository of marketing material for ERPNext Foundation. Having a central repository of these materials will help event organisers to get everything from one place rather than waste time in creating things from scratch. Also the material will have common visual identity and standardised look.

The repository can contain banners, pamphlets, flyers, presentation templates, designs for merchandises etc. I request all community members who are interested in this to contribute and help in creating the resource.

Having said that, in my opinion the following should be the guidelines for contributing -

  • The artwork, design or resource must be CC - BY - SA licensed, so that other members can edit re-use and redistribute it easily.
  • The artwork or design or resource should be in Open file format, eg .svg, .pdf (editable) .eps or atleast should be in a format that can be opened in any open source creative tools without restriction.

If there is enough interest, let us make a github repository and keep everything there.

To start off I am sharing a simple pamphlet or 3 page brochure we (Frappe design team) made, we will share more as and when we create any design material. I request other event organisers and members to share the materials that they have made too.

Any feedback or suggestion to build this repository is welcome.

Thank you

Link to Flyer

Note: You can edit the address or any content in this file, If you feel the information is outdated, please feel free to update that as well. The github link also contains the original scribus file that is used to generate this pdf you can edit it or edit this pdf directly in pdf editor.