ERPNext Mobile App Flutter

Dear ERPNext Coumunity ,

We are so glad and proud to launch our first release of our mobile application for ERPNext which has been developed by our development team using Flutter software development kit.

We have been working on this project for a long time to help ERPNext users all over the world to easily use ERPNext systems and help all businesses whether small, medium or big to perform better and grow faster.

Below are the current modules and doctypes that we have developed with (Create - Edit - Submit - Preview - List - Search - Filters) features.

- Accounting:

– Journal Entry
– Payment Entry
– Sales Invoice
– Purchase Invoice
– Reports & Dashboard ( Under Development )

Checkout Tutorials on Youtube

- Buying:

– Supplier
– Supplier Quotation
– Purchase Order
– Reports & Dashboard ( Under Development )

Checkout Tutorials on Youtube

- Stock:

– Item
– Material Request
– Stock Entry
– Delivery Note
– Purchase Receipt
– Reports & Dashboard ( Under Development )

Checkout Tutorials on Youtube

- Selling:

– Lead
– Opportunity
– Customer
– Address
– Contact
– Quotation
– Sales Order
– Customer Visit ( New Doctype Specially for retail sales person visit with GPS location )
– Reports & Dashboard ( Under Development )

Checkout Tutorials on Youtube

- HR:

– Employee
– Employee Checkin
– Leave Application
– Attendance Request
– Employee Advance
– Expense Claim
– Loan Application
– Reports & Dashboard ( Under Development )

Checkout Tutorials on Youtube

  • General Options:
    – Submit
    – Cancel
    – Comment
    – Attach Files
    – GPS Location
    – Push Notifications
    – Print
    – Download PDF
    – Workflow Actions

And currently we are working on the Projects and Manufacturing modules, and we are planning to get them ready before ASAP.
Finally you can download and test the app from here ERPNext Mobile App - demo

All suggestions are highly appreciated


Great Work will surely try this. But i have a question.
Is it an open-source APP ??

@Mahmoud_Ghoneem this is awesome! I hope this is open source. As per GPLv3 - my guess is that you will have to keep it FOSS with the same license.

Please share your repo, you might get a few contributors too!


unfortunately it’s not open-source at the moment.

Not able to test it on my instance. Only on your test instance. is this deliberate ?

May we know your game plan then? It will be nice to know before we spend time testing and letting you know of the bugs in it.


It is intended to work that way. Only the user we provided for testing will be allowed to login, also the domain that must be entered in the login screen should be allowed by our company.
for more information about NextApp please follow this link here


Per @rmehta’s comment above, any app built on Frappe must maintain the GPLv3 license which means you have to release your code.

This response, therefore, does not exude confidence that this will be the case. more so is the fact that you are seeking contributions from the community for a “Product” that may or may not be available to the community at the end of the day.

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So this is a commercial product and you are seeking our help to test it?

I will pass thank you

Wish you the best

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I don’t think this is how it works, given the mobile app is just a client (separate piece of software /project). They’d have to publish their project under GPLv3 if they’re running a forked version of ERPNext to achieve this. But then too, they’d have to publish the fork if they’re distributing that forked copy, and again, not the mobile client.

Well, that’s ERPNext (GPLv3). If they’ve built this project using the deprecated mobile app (frappe/mobile) which is released under MIT, they needn’t necessarily open source their project but have to disclose appropriate attributions.

but if ERPNext was released under AGPL, I think this would’ve been a different story.

Frappe is released under MIT. It’s a permissive license so you may do whatever you please with your apps - whether you’re distributing them or not.

PS: IANAL and this is not legal advice :smile:
PPS: This is not an authoritative reply, just sharing my 2p on the concerns shared on this thread. Feel free to challenge my understanding of open source licenses, or throw light on anything I failed to consider :vulcan_salute:


You may want to check this out

Or this

I could go on and on, but you can do a simple search to see the myriad of mobile apps attempts already done by members of the community.

I am sure you get my drift