Erpnext Mobile Error

This just an add to the current ERPNext mobile…
When you type the address without the http before the error should come /pop up and give the chance to correct the issue… The way u found and believe to all is to disconnect the WiFi and open the software again in order to change the address typed.

Do you not see the invalid message? Can you post a screenshot?

You see the invalid message
*Application Error *
ret::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (file:////index.html)

What i mean is that after this message the application should pop the
server address so the user can type again without disconnecting the WIFI…
because when the message comes the application closes and when you open
again if you have Internet access it will not ask for the Server Address
but continue with the old wrong address input by the user.

Any solution will be for this case ?
Just had the same issue … when the error message shows the only way of changing or correcting the address typed is to switch off the Wifi, open the application and before selecting the server power on the Wifi again.