ERPNext mobile Lite

Hi All,
How can we have a ERPNext Mobile Lite version that includes only POS and that that user can open without Internet and when connected to Internet just syncs with his DB?
This because we plan to have this installed on small shops where the owner might not have Internet for 1, 2 or more days or has internet at home … so he needs to login in the morning or evening to sync and get latest Info for POS to start and on the next day just open ERPNext mobile and POS is the only one available!!!

whould be great for small shops with low income.


In stores, you can use ERPNext post feature in the offline mode as well.

As soon as you have reached ERPNext POS screen, you won’t need internet connection to make invoices. This feature is available in the current version as well.

Yes i know and i have been using but the idea is if i have no internet for 1/2 days i wont be able to login to ERP POS as it requires the link to login … so the seller wont be able to do POS !!!

I will like to second this feature if it is possible