Erpnext mobile version

On ERPNext mobile version you cannot see what server are you connected.
When I open it before the change server button there should be a field " actual server name" so I can swap or change to the server I want.

But once you logout, it will not remember the server name. It is like entering the URL, which you need to every time.

Yes, this is a good feature to have, please open a github issue

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If the user logs out but in most of the cases t the user just changes from app to another or just check email… Qnd entre returns to the application he gas to type how username and Pwd again, it will log to the server that you last typed without knowing which one… I have been doing like that reason why asking for.

Done. Thanks

@netchampfaris was the update released? As i don’t see the ERPNext Mobile updated…

It’s not yet released to the app stores. Expect it to be updated by the end of the month, as app stores take a while to accept updates.

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