Erpnext mobile with eSTAR

I have a eSTAR mid7338w tablet with attached specs but ERPNEXT mobile app not working

hi @Helio_Jesus

what is the tablets android version? - is it still 5.1.x. or have there been any updates?
what is not working? any errors displayed if yes whats stated?


Still 5.1.1
Show no error until I switch off the WiFi…
You type the server and the user and pwd … All it shows is the logo and stays like that for ever.

thats odd…
have the same android version (on Samsung S5 mini) and it works like a charm

  • is your server selfhosted or if selfhosted - are ports 80 and 443 or your respective ports forwarded correctly in your firewall?

  • I assume you can access your installation via a browser just fine? please check via local if there is local/LAN/selfhosted and via WAN route.

  • silly I know - but is the server address, user and password spelled correctly?


The server is local and I have been accessing via phone Sony and my other
tablet Asus and my laptop. Checked the user, server and Pwd are all

I’ll disconnect from the WiFi to see if it will ask me for the server and
user name again…

I can access the server via browser on the same tablet.


so as I get you right the other devices access fine - is there any of which uses Android as well maybe
the phone or tablet?

so far I cant really work out whats happening with your eSTAR bit maybe it is related to this

or this

the second one has a user that erperienced that putting in the http:// or https:// did the trick for him
appart from that other ideas??
@netchampfaris maybe?


If you can provide test account credentials, it would be easy to find out whats happening.

I have installed a software to boost the eSTAR and after that I’ve managed
to have erpnext working…