Erpnext moduels doesnt appear

hey there,
i installed erpnext succesfully and it worked fine,so i tried to create another site oon the same ip adress but with different port ,and it was success,but when i opened the new site it was empty without the essential modiels like accounting,selling and stock

It seems you have forgotten to mention app called ERPNext while creating new site.
Read Docs carefully, you have to mention which app you want with Frappe with --install-app erpnext when creating new-site using bench tool.

if i did this step now would it fix the problem,or should i drop down the site and create new one?

Drop that site anyway you dont need it…

  bench new-site [site-name] --install-app erpnext

if you dont want to drop it then use following command:

  bench --site [site-name] install-app erpnext

Note: replace [site-name] with actual site name. ex: site1.local

thanks so much,this fixed the problem