Erpnext more discount after invoice is submitted

Is there a way to edit the discount amount after sales invoice is submitted ?

I mean by custom code or any workaround

The scenario is:
It is allowed to install more discount on submitted sales invoice

I know it is not the best situation but i am stuck with it


Once the invoice is submitted there can be no further discounts given since this will impact your Receivables as well.

The straightforward way would be to cancel and amend the invoice.

Another alternative would be to deduct the additional discount amount on the payment entry as a write off or in discount ledger.

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Can you direct me how to implement this deduction ?


  1. make an invoice.
  2. Create > Payment. This will take you to the payment entry screen
  3. On the payment entry, scroll down to the section titled Deductions or Loss
  4. Select the appropriate account head and enter the amount
  5. Submit the payment.

Would ask you to test this a couple of times before implementing and validate internally with the accounts team.

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In some scenario, supplier often offer discount for early payment. Most of the time supplier will issue us their “Credit Note” as proof of discount.

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