ERPNext Multi-tenancy Unable to access sites

Hello guys. I am new to frappe and don’t understand a few things, so I will try to be detailed in my questions in hopes to get help.
I have a domain eg, and I am hosting my frappe bench on a VPS server. When I first installed frappe, I created a site and installed ERPNext on it. I configured a type A record to point to the server IP. This was successful and I am able to access said site online.
However, I wanted to create more sites on the same bench via multi tenancy, I followed the directions in the documentation, did not get get any errors but I couldn’t access the sites online. I followed Geoffery Karani’s youtube video to the letter but still nothing.
So, generally speaking the steps go some thing like this:
#First I create DNS A records with site names point to the server IP then:

  1. turn on dns multi-tenancy
  2. create site
  3. setup nginx and reload it.
  4. install ERPNext on site.
  5. edit the hosts file to include the new site pointing it to local host.
  6. bench setup add-domain [domain name]
  7. reload nginx and restart server.


If you are getting site not available, try this solution.

Hi @jycob thanks for your this video. But unfortunately it didn’t help. Still getting the 404 not found error.