Erpnext multi tiered Client / res seller distribution

Many of our products are sold through channel partners/res sellers or stores. We do not typically know who our end user will be for our storage appliances until the client receives the appliance and registers it. Does ERPNext support multi tiered distribution for customers. For example Company A sells a an appliance to company B which sells it to company C which installs leases it to company D. For support purposes, and upsale selling opportunities, we need to be able to track the customer chain to the end user.

How are you handling this now?

Are your appliances serialized?

Assuming that they are serialized. You know what units were sold to Company B.

Once end user registers with the serial number, you require them to tell you who installed the unit (Company C) and who they are leasing it from.(Company D). With the serial number, you know who purchased this from Company A.

Now you have the full chain which ErpNext can help track and manage.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.