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ERPNext: v13.22.1 (version-13)
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You can’t set ‘Options’ for field Status

Rename Select, the word is not to be use.

We have one more way

We have customize Form Doctype in this doctype you can override a method the name was
def allow_property_change(self, prop, meta_df, df):
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

class CustomCustomizeForm(CustomizeForm):

def allow_property_change(self, prop, meta_df, df):
    ALLOWED_OPTIONS_CHANGE = ('Read Only', 'HTML', 'Select','Data')

Add ALLOWED_OPTIONS_CHANGE = (‘Read Only’, ‘HTML’, ‘Select’,‘Data’)
on the top of the function your override

I hope you know how to override doctype_events using override_doctype_class

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@Mindermann solution here

Any plans on adding this into the core frappe codebase. I would think being able to update the options of a select is reasonable.

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