Erpnext not shows newly created doctype(Doctype created in another app)

I followed the below steps to integrate erpnext with an app

1.installed new app into the existing erpnext site -site1.local i can see all the doctype from new app inside erpnext separated by module name.
3.created a new doctype inside app,but when i login to erpnext ,new doctype is missing in erpnext.erpnext shows doctype not found error.but new app doctype correctly shows if i login into the app
4.Also i can not edit the new app doctype from shows permission error.only allow to edit if i login into the app
5.From which app should i run bench export-fixtures.inside new app or erpnext

@saurabh6790 can you please help?

Hey it’s quite confusing, please explain scenario again .

add fixtures in of your app

fixtures = [
	"DocType name"