Erpnext official install

please can anyone give me a clear steps to install erpnext for development mode
Thnak you

Welcome. The easiest way is probably the official docker:

Welcome on board @mohamed_aly

Hello hahahaha

Thank you but I’m looking for a manual install

I usually follow easy install steps but this one seems promising for manual installs.



hi @TurkerTunali would you show me step by step to install erpnext on ubuntu 20.04 using it : [ERPNext v13 installer · GitHub](http://your link suggest)

im new tobe here… and always failed / error for getting install erpnerxt 13 on ubuntu 20.04 vps


I use easy install script or Easiest Installation (LXC) .

It would be helpfull if you open new discussion with the error message you get.

PS1: You can append --verbose to easy install script to get the real error.
PS2: I would recommend to install it on your machine or virtual box before VPS.

many thank… i will try …